We develop, plan and coordinate executive projects with BIM. Allows us to provide you more reliable information, with quicker processes and a shorter response time than the traditional method.

We carefully study the different components and requirements of the project, from technical to programmatic, normative and functional approach. In this way, through the planning and coordination of the projects, you will arrive at the site with most of the project information developed.

We coordinate your projects, detecting omissions between the different disciplines. Planning is essential for the project to optimize resources, with a follow-up until the construction stage to reduce risks in projects, minimizing the gap between what is projected and what is actually built.


We evaluate the best process to implement BIM according to the features of your firm.

We string along with you step by step and to define the necessary resources, to ensure that the BIM implementation in your firm is successful.

We offer you a roadmap to increase the efficiency and productivity of your projects. Implementing BIM accompanied by professionals, will allow the BIM implementation process to be more efficient and will prevent it from taking longer than you expect.

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We string along with you in the process you have chosen to start with BIM.

We carry out consultation sessions and give you advice during the process so that you achieve the most optimal results.

We provide support in the first transition steps using the methodology, optimizing resources, costs and project times.

Implement BIM with your own experience, having a BIM consultant for the doubts that arises in the process.


Specially designed program for architects, engineers and construction professionals who work independently or in small groups.

At the end of the program, you will have implemented BIM in your first project, with a proven and effective method, guided and adviced step by step so that you can successfully implement BIM in your projects.


¿Does your BIM model have the quality standards to work collaboratively? We evaluate your models and propose improvement methods and optimization solutions.

We generate quality documentation under standards and protocols, taking work templates as a basis for continuous improvement in processes, providing for transparency, organization and greater reliability in the information generated.


¿Do you have a supply company?

Offering your commercial products to insert them in BIM models gives visibility and competitiveness.

We generate the model of your product or project, incorporating all the commercial and technical information. We make your model in BIM so that you can provide your client with a better quality service.

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