Implementing BIM does not mean adopting a single methodology, but it means to integrate an existing methodology with the guidelines of a business model and an operating company. Therefore, it is necessary to know the all about the firm, its function, its current procedures, internal capabilities, etc.

All this in order to generate a “tailor-made suit”. The standards, procedures, members and create efficient exchange and communication processes, enhanced with the use of digital tools.

We provide an advisory and pre-implementation consultancy to know and understand the needs of the firm. In this way, we can together analyze objectives, in order to choose the best technological and organizational solution, achieving the correct implementation of BIM as part of its management processes in the development of projects.

We will give you a free first session. The aim of this first BIM consultancy session is to guide and advise you and your team so that the BIM implementation process in your business achieves the results you expect.

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These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself and your team when thinking about starting a process of working with BIM. We leave them for you to think about them before our consultancy meeting and answer them together.

✅ ¿Have I defined the objectives and planning for my implementation?
✅ ¿Am I clear on what implementing BIM involves?
✅ ¿Who will I work with in my implementation? ¿Do I have the correct team to go through the requirements?
✅ ¿Did I conduct adequate training as well as software to respond to this implementation?